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Biometric Information

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The Driscoll Firm has filed a lawsuit against the McDonald’s Corporation for violating the Biometric Information Privacy Act, which provides that employees must be given information on how, where, and for how long their biometric information will be stored. The act also requires that a person sign a written release before their biometric information can be stored.

Biometric Information

Privacy Act

Companies are often quick to adopt new technologies to help with employee tracking, clocking in and out, and logging into systems. The newest trend in corporate America is the use of biometrics, which use our biologically unique “identifiers” (like fingerprints or retina scans) to log into company systems.

Because this personal information is so unique and is very sensitive, there is a natural amount of distrust on the part of the public on how this information could be used if it fell into the wrong hands. That’s why the Illinois General Assembly passed the 740 ILCS 14 Act, also known as the Biometric Information Privacy Act, which requires companies to:

Develop a publicly-available written policy establishing a retention schedule for biometric information and establish guidelines for destroying that information.

Employees must be made aware of the collection of biometric information and sign a release acknowledging that collection.

The company may not sell biometric information collected on its employees to any third-party.

Biometric information may not be released or otherwise disseminated without written consent by the employee or a legal warrant.

The company must exercise a “reasonable standard of care” when storing, transmitting, and protecting biometric identifiers.

If the company fails to follow these guidelines in Illinois, the employees are eligible to take legal action to collect financial compensation for the business’s failure to adequately protect their private biometric information according to state laws.


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What is Biometric Information?

Examples of Biometric Information Include your finger prints, facial recognition or facial geometry.

Lawsuit Filed September 27, 2017

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